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Ready to Holler

I received a recall notice for my 2004 Honda Odyssey. I called Holler Honda to make a recall service appointment. I was told, specifically, that it takes a few days for the part to come in so “we’ll schedule you about four or five days out.” I agreed. 

When I showed up to my appointment at my scheduled time, I was asked my name and we verified that my appointment was valid. Manny, approached my driver side window and asked me my name again. He then asked me how we could help me, I thought that information had already been relayed when I made the appointment. Shouldn’t you know why your customers are there if they made the appointment?

 It’s like a server at a restaurant asking her guests what they ordered after they ordered it.
I told Manny that I was there for the airbag recall service, he asked me if the part was already in stock. How the heck am I supposed to know if the part is in stock?

 I asked him the same question. He said he’d check on it. He then came back and told me that part was not in stock, but asked me my address? I guess he needed one more piece of information to verify that there was the right silver Honda Odyssey owned by me at the right place during that exact time?
I made it clear that I didn’t appreciate having my time wasted, especially when you’re logging around a impatient two-year-old. And I made it clear what my expectations were, since I had made the appointment a few days out specifically so the part would be in. Manny explained to me that they’re having a problem with their call center not relating messages. That information means nothing to me. That’s his problem, and it shouldn’t have been made public. He said he would call me personally when they could do the work, I appreciate that. You should know, that he did just raise the bar by using the word “personally.” All customer service is personal. We’ll have to see how it pans out. It’s poor so far


3 Reasons to be on Social Media

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3 Reasons to be on Social Media.

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