Service Starts Before We Walk In

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.
Charles Darwin

It has been stated that food service is the only retail market in which every customer comes in ready to spend. Nobody window shops or browses the curio at an eatery. If you have a showcase in your front window, or a plate of food at your podium in a pedestrian marketplace, that’s different. I’m talking about walking in the door hungry. How much they spend, and how often,  is up to the service professional. As information becomes more readily available, this becomes increasingly the case. Restaurants are cyberstalked, and customers are informed.

Get yourself found when customers are looking
Get yourself found when customers are looking

This is where the service starts. Are you listed on social media? Are you listed on mapping and marketing apps? Coupon clipper magazines are great, most people find them to be a nuisance  and throw away the junk mail. Some couponers will come in. Couponers are looking for a deal. Informed guests who sought a restaurant which suits their needs, are looking for satisfaction of those needs. It’s nice to save a buck too, no doubt. Online models also provide your restaurant the opportunity to be accessible more often to more people, regardless of when the circulars are delivered. If you’re not available in those mediums, where the hell have you been in the last 20 years? Social media is mostly free.

Fork Knife Mobile App Restaurant
Mobile Apps create availability and community

Your online presence ought to have a service as a product as well. Is the picture enticing? Do we see more of the dumpster than we do the front door? Is there a smiling service professional in the shot? Are the majority of the user provided content just kids doing the duckface and shooting the MySpace peace symbol gang sign? That can’t be how you plan to survive? The first impressions and initial service start way before we walk in. They start before we’ve even left the house. In the case of mobile apps, it can happen anywhere.

Let’s get together and apply a few layer of SPF – Service Professional Failsafes- and get your customers on the road to satisfaction, before they’ve arrived.


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