How To Keep Pinterest Users From Sharing Your Content On Pinterest – Business Insider

Many of us are unpublished authors, or content hustlers, copywriting for beans in an emerging and yet saturated online market. Dies this sort of thing hurt or help?


How To Keep Pinterest Users From Sharing Your Content On Pinterest – Business Insider.

via How To Keep Pinterest Users From Sharing Your Content On Pinterest – Business Insider.


6 Easy Steps

6 Easy Steps to Making Your Small Business Big-Time Social

  1. Get Social.  Start Somewhere online. An estimated 12 % of the WORLD uses Facebook. Get your company on it too. Facebook is the largest and most successful free Social Platform. It is not the only one, however. There are dozens of effective social platforms and even a dozen more that are less effective, but still have the potential to drive traffic, and increase business.
  2. Like What Your Customers Like.  At least one of your customers will publish an interest on their Social Network site. Get on that bandwagon. When your customers LIKE a page, your business can too. This will help identify the business, attract other fans of the same interest, and spread your companies message. Which interests are appropriate is a matter of deliberation.
  3. Like what Your Competition Likes. If your widgets company is battling for the same market share as ACME Widgets and WidgetCo, go get in the same ring and show you are willing to compete with them for business. Lets not forget that most of this is free. You ought to be competing in the print ad market, which costs money. Compete in the effective Social Market as well.
  4. Actively Search for Your Clientele. Your Small Business serves a specific area the most. Search for other businesses, schools, civic associations and institutions and pursue a connection. People crave connections online. It is not the same as a cold call. You’re asking to be friends. They boost profile statuses and affect the user’s ego. Be one of those connections. Let your clients and customers especially your loyal and regular ones that you are connected and vested in them away from the workplace as well. They will repay you.
  5. Update! Update! Update! Stay Current. Stale Content will never engage a reader, especially the Casual Browser. The loyal customer will eventually disengage if the online social connection has not offered anything. The friendships and connections offered by Social Networks are effective as long as they stay current. Updating statuses, making them unique to different platforms, and changing them often according to their effectiveness is a good place to start.
  6. Run Your Business. A great Social Network with lots of driving content and plenty of connections and friends will make you known in the community. Once the customers come in the door, or respond accordingly, you have to run your business. A Creative, Concise and Dedicated Content Author can increase business and keep it current while you run the business you have risked to operate. Let the bakers bake, the let the bankers bank, and the butchers..butch? A dedicated author will handle your content and social networking.

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