Interface or Face to Face…Future of Customer Service?

Interesting choice of time on the devices. Great article.

Gerald Morrow

As the summer season wraps up, I look back on some experiences and ask myself if good customer service is a thing of the past or is there hope for the future?

During my travels this summer I experienced some of the best and some of the worst customer service.  Beginning in Orlando, Florida and no I wasn’t there to visit Disney but did make a stop at Downtown Disney.  WOW, Disney and its staff take guest service to a level we all should only hope to reach but may never reach in our own workplace.  But while at another place there in Orlando I was able to experience amazing service one minute from a staff member and then had a less than satisfying experience a few hours later in the same place by a different staff member.

How come every guest doesn’t get the same experience?  Of course Disney…

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