I’ve had a gutful of customer (dis)service…

The Pure and Blessed Way...


As a self-employed person, I like to purchase the goods and services of other self-employed people as often as possible…

I place a lot of value on the personal touch and to me it is worth the extra pennies rather than handing over my hard earned cash to big faceless companies that offer knock down prices that drive small businesses out of business…

But Jeez…. it really is hard!!!

Now don’t get me wrong… I have had some exquisite service and wonderful purchasing experiences with independent retailers…

But on the other hand…

Oh! my giddy Aunt… it proves almost impossible to buy something you want…

I can’t understand the lackadaisical attitude of people who promote their goods then can’t be bothered to respond when you attempt to purchase… or those who take your orders and fail to deliver on time and seem to take a perverse delight in keeping you…

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Interface or Face to Face…Future of Customer Service?

Interesting choice of time on the devices. Great article.

Gerald Morrow

As the summer season wraps up, I look back on some experiences and ask myself if good customer service is a thing of the past or is there hope for the future?

During my travels this summer I experienced some of the best and some of the worst customer service.  Beginning in Orlando, Florida and no I wasn’t there to visit Disney but did make a stop at Downtown Disney.  WOW, Disney and its staff take guest service to a level we all should only hope to reach but may never reach in our own workplace.  But while at another place there in Orlando I was able to experience amazing service one minute from a staff member and then had a less than satisfying experience a few hours later in the same place by a different staff member.

How come every guest doesn’t get the same experience?  Of course Disney…

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What an incredible event!

the following is from a promotional email.

You’re not at the level of success you expected. Why is that? What’s missing?

* Time – you don’t have enough to get everything done.
* Money – sales haven’t really hit where you need them to be.
* Confidence – you’re going slow because you’re unsure.
* Attention – people don’t even seem to see you.
* Health – you feel tired and sluggish more often than not.
* Organization – everything’s scattered and nothing seems easy.
* Support – you’re trying, but everyone at home is getting anxious.

Did any of that ring a bell with you, ? All of it? Are you unhappy with where you are with your personal level of success and/or the health of your business?

Come to Camp

Announcing the Owner’s Path Training Camp (O.P.T.C.), a Two Day LIVE event in Boston, October 20th and 21st, led by Chris Brogan, Rob Hatch, and Jacqueline Carly at the beautiful Colonnade Hotel at 120 Huntington Avenue, in Boston, Massachusetts.

O.P.T.C. is a one-of-a-kind experience blending business and health, personal and professional development, and a full-spectrum dose of actionable plans and systems designed to help you attain and master a high level of performance and execution on your goals and responsibilities.

This is War

We are at war, you and I. The enemy wears the name “average” and “settling” and “good enough.” A great deal of what got us to where we are in our lives and efforts is that we fell away from consistent discipline, from living by a strong and guiding mission, and we got into the habit of doing the absolute minimum, especially if we felt any degree of pushback from many parts of the process.

One unique facet of the O.P.T.C. experience is that we will seek to reacquaint you with your commitments, your personal discipline, your ability to execute at a higher level. Through workshops, exercise, and your own discoveries, you will leave this event transformed by the process and committed to a higher level of personal and professional performance as a result.

What To Expect

Over the course of two full days, plan to move your body and stretch your mind as we guide you through a series of lessons, workshops, group sessions, and focused personal and professional growth.

You will leave with new systems, new beliefs, new ideas, fuel for your journey, new friends and allies, and the foundations of a new approach to what you need to do to build out everything it’s going to take to achieve the level of success you want in your life and your business.

Yes, you will have up close and personal time with Chris Brogan, Rob Hatch, and Jacqueline Carly. It’s not some mega-event. It’s small and intimate and touch-your-elbow level stuff.

Yes, you will be able to bring all your questions to be answered: on health, on home life, on fitness, on business, on goals, on sales, on marketing, on the digital channel. That’s why we’re here.

Yes, there will be actual physical exercise (adaptable to your level of health and readiness so don’t panic!).

We are seeking professionals who want to improve their level of commitment to success, who want to reach for that next level of performance, who want to bring their abilities far beyond the levels you’ve reached in the last year or two.

Is that you?

Make the Commitment

We will accomplish a lot together. Your first step? Register now. The full retail price of this event is $597 for the two days. If you purchase your ticket before September 30th, we will know you’re committed to being part of this experience. For that, we’ll make your ticket cost only $297 (keep the $300 for further developmental experiences, because we want you to grow and thrive).

If you wait, if you delay, if you procrastinate, there may still be a seat for you. It will cost $597, but provided we haven’t sold out, it would be our pleasure to help you improve your performance to a much higher level through the Owner’s Path Training Camp.

Be Part of the FOUNDING CLASS of O.P.T.C.

This event is growing, and will take on a whole new shape and form in subsequent years, but Chris and the rest of us at Owner Media Group always remember those who joined in and helped us shape the experience early on. If you come to O.P.T.C. this (date) with us, you’ll receive a special commemorative tee shirt and other awards citing that you were part of the O.P.T.C. Founder’s Class.

Come join us and get ready to grow your capabilities and connections with us!


If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:


Owner Media Group Inc 110 Marginal Way #744 Portland, Maine 04101 United States (207) 650-5290

God bless the SEC and great customer Service

Even if it’s a sales promo and shameless self promotion, the fiber-optic quality service being provided by epb is awesome. Check out this Facebook post compared to others as well. When you make a service promise, and tie it to SEC FOOTBALLyou’ve made a pact with God in Tennessee. You might even be Catholic and in the good graces of Vol fans if you are an installer. jokeIMG_6248.JPG

Movie Review: TheTriplets of Belleville

This is one of those great movies which you may be unwilling to try. When we think of animated features we think they all have to come with mouse ears or scream “to infinity and beyond” or some combination and facsimile thereof. The greatest animated features typically have neither of these.


Think timeless and lesser known, such as Heavy Metal, maybe not part two. You could go through the entire Ralph Bakshi collection as far as I’m concerned, as well. In order to find some of the best in animated films, you have to search. Because the ones that are delivered to you are simply not in the category.


The Triplets of Belleville were an evening variety show favorite when television was new. In the context of this movie’s surreal satirical plot, they are has-been vaudeville style harmonizers with at least one hit for which they will be forever remembered, even when foiling a a room full of midget gangsters’ evil plots – listen for the sing-a-long. They are also keenly aware of their status and almost nothing else. Our heroine Mme Sauza remembered the hit she listened to with her pudgy grandson clearly enough to have been taken in by them in their golden-senile frog-eating years. As an after thought, this is a subtle warning to our protagonist that the French are in danger. Grandmother had been grooming her little grandson to be a cyclist. We first meet him as a chubby little boy watching the sisters on TV with his grandmother. The animation style in the first few minutes is a clear compliment to the long-gone age. We next find him as a lean and dedicated cyclist training for the streets of some backwater French town with grandmother in tow. When the great French bicycle race, Circuit De France begins, the lead cyclists are plucked and without circumstance, from the race and stolen away, rather exaggeratedly breathless, to the city of Belleville. Grandmother’s house chases the boxy villainous kidnapper and bodyguard clones across the sea, in a paddle boat, in an attempt to rescue her progeny who, along with two other cyclists, were kidnapped. The Tripletts happen upon the reliable woman and her locomotive obsessed dog, they are attracted to her by her ability to reproduce their tune on  bent bike wheel spokes. They take in the weary traveler and her dog-who’s el-train envy and dream sequences are nuanced wonders which provide a wonderful and ironic grounding to the otherwise fantastic reality in this movie.
Although you can ascertain historical and emotional relevancy, when you’re not sure what’s happening, you’re still willing to keep watching and find out. The animation continually borders on the grotesque, while walking that fine line of absolute beauty.

So Much of what you see is hyperbole, and when you get used to it, you are longing for more exaggeration.