Burnt Tinder – A Native American inspired Poem.

Burnt Tinder – A Native American inspired Poem..

via Burnt Tinder – A Native American inspired Poem..


Clannad O’Glendalough – Friday Fictioneers

This the photo prompt for Madison Woods’s flash fiction community, Friday Fictioneers. It’s 100 words. Try it. You’ll like it.

The Monks of Glendalough

In Glendalough I met a man

Whilst eavesdropping at

The area Public House.

I interrupted his claim of

Having played bass with

Van Morisson and The Chieftains

with, “Bullshit!”

Slowly turning, myself learning,

being told, “One should not introduce one’s self in such a manner, or lack of.”

I drank more with him as my host, and admired

The Grammy. He signed a copy

Of his award winning disc and offered me a car.

I said, “I drink too much to drive on the wrong side.”

We dined at his friend’s restaurant.

The St. Kevin’s Bus drove me to Dublin.

Friday Fictioneers- Wood That I Could

This is the photo prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers from Madison Woods. It is a 100 word flash fiction challenge. Try it kid, it’s free.

Photo Copyright Laura Helms


When I get into the past, trying to wonder what got me here, it never ends as well as I had hoped. Hell, which is why I keep looking backward. My past ended badly. It ended right here right now, in this predicament. When I get into the “Woulda’ and Coulda’s” I wind up “shoulding” all over myself. After all I have attempted, the on great, truly great thing which I have accomplished is imperfection. Unfortunately my forgetter works better than my rememberer. So I continue to bang my head against the tree, if only for the relief of stopping.

Movie Monday- Being Flynn

Being Flynn

Based on Nick Flynn’s book,  Another Bullshit Night in Suck City

Directed by Paul Weitz


Robert De Niro Plays Jonathan Flynn. He is a great writer. He is 1 of only 3 great writer’s America has ever produced. He tells us as much. The rest of the film is a rant about faggots and pederasts and how we are put on earth to help other people. Jonathan Flynn is nuts, and he drinks.  He was a check forger for a small time strongman in the past, before he went completely nuts.

Being Flynn
DeNiro and Dano

Paul Dano is Nick Flynn. Nick Flynn is a writer and a loser as well. He lives in an abandoned strip club.He is well on his way to following in his father’s footsteps.  He has no choice. His well intended mother played by the always anchoring Julianne Moore, tells Nick at every impressionable age what a piece of shit his father is. She goes as far as to show Nick a wanted poster of his father. She substitutes the absent dad with various and sundry men, before taking her own life and blaming one of Nick’s short stories for her decision in her own well penned suicide note.

The story of the two Flynns is very engaging. One works in the homeless shelter, one lives in it. Which one is which is debatable scene by scene. It is very disturbing, and it is very familiar in some ways to everyone. I saw the hereditary dysfunction and one-sided family accounts of my family. Others see the battle of reconciling one’s self before coming to grips with their family and others. Everyone agrees not to do crack. The peripheral characters and foils for the two Flynns could have had their own movie. They were very effective and likable characters, being well developed themselves. Lily Taylor holds up the supporting cast.

My only gripe was the condescending way in which Nick goes to a few recovery meetings and, WHAM-O, addiction fixed. I know it was for the interest of time. Okay, my only other gripe was how Nick Flynn had to point out that he taught in underprivileged areas, patronizing the residents with his grace, and turned inner city schools into a setting for Dead Poets Society Two. Bullshit. It was very condescending and presumptive. Other than that, it was great film. I give it 3 white chips and a homeless shelter cot ticket.

Friday Fictioneers- The Noble Rot

ImageThis is the photo prompt for Madison Woods‘s Friday Fictioneers. FF is a community of writer’s responding to the same prompt every week. I ought to engage in this more frequently. It’s only 100 words. Here is mine for this week

What happens to a dream deferred? If allowed to simmer in the sun, it  gets sweeter. Let Botrytis cinerea in and see how sweet it can get. Allow  too much time, and it may turn grey and sour. What’s the line between finesse and ruin? Is it the same trip between madness and genius?  I mapped out the vineyard and allowed the vine to strain-  concentrate. Particularly wet conditions can develop a rot, but is that the intent- a sweeter wine? A raisin in the sun is still a marketable product; just don’t call it a grape. Embrace noble rot.