How to Find Plagiarism *NOT MY TITLE*

So, I know we all are inspired by one another. We may even pay a little homage to one another. Let’s not pretend that is what we do when we plagiarize. I am guilty of having turned in reports as a child which I copied right from my Funk & Wagnell. When I became a man I put away�childish�things. I was reading a friend’s business site the other day and noticed that he had posted an article similar to one he had rejected from me. It was similar in it’s style and approach, not content. I also recognized that it did not sound like him, nor was it very timely in its subject matter. It had no byline. I copied the first few lines and pasted in it a Google search. I found the original. Before I called out to that friend like a lifeguard warning against a swimmer attempting depths beyond his capability, I double checked. It turns out that if you follow a link in the next category, it will give credit where it is due.

Not that the original author probably knew, or anyone who wanted to read about a topic that was new last year would have cared much. I share articles on social media, and in this blog. The PRESS THIS bookmarklet is great. It is especially helpful because it cites the reference and makes it clear that it was not my own work. for instance :How to Find Plagiarism.

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#fridayfictioneers 100 Word Story. Damselfy

Madison Woods posts a picture prompt for writers. Mission: create a 100-word story. Post your work on your blog.  On friday, you go back to her site and post a link to your blog entry in the comments on her friday fictioneers post.

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100 Word Story

The basics are easy enough to understand, that’s why we call them the basics. I’ve been trying lately to get ahead of the curve. I seem to have landed right on it. What keeps me from the realization? Fear of falling. I can fly. Simply standing here makes me very vulnerable. I need to get ahead of the curve. Another flyer told me that getting ahead of the curve opens you to new possibilities and tremendous accountability. I gave up fear of gravity when I shed my cocoon. I ought not stand here to long, fish in the water, birds in the sky, my undoing.

100 Word Story 6/13

PathwayEvery Wednesday Madison Woods provides a prompt for writing. Every Friday she shares all the entries which have been posted on her comments section, with a link back to the original. It’s a great activity and I am jumping on board. As opposed to jumping on, bored.

Photo prompt for 6/13

102 words

My horse must think it queer, to have left him home and attempted this uphill path alone. I’m  first to travel this way or there would be no path to follow, right? What the hell, one foot in front of the other I say.  I am beginning to say anywa..what was that noise?! I am alone in the woods trying to be the first up the mountain and reserve my camping site at the top. What is that noise? It’s not a howl. A whistle? An unintentional whistle?  Some hot air escapes from a tight space, and where is it coming fro